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Unexpected Blessing

Our annual Fall Fundraiser was a big success! Felicity Manor enjoyed gathering items to fill a fun Movie Night Basket! The basket was filled with all sorts of goodies for an exciting night out on the town or quiet night at home!

Basket Included:

  • $100 Epic Chophouse Gift Card compliments of Epic Chophouse

  • 4 Movie Passes to Amstar Theaters in Mooresville

  • DVD of Casablanca

  • DVD of Gone with the Wind

  • Assorted Movie Theatre Candy

  • Microwave Popcorn

  • Picture frame to capture the night

  • Decorative Tin

E-tickets were offered at $1 each, and the fundraiser was shared on social media for 2 weeks.

The competition was fierce at times, with everyone hoping they had the winning ticket!

On Sun. Nov. 7th, Felicity Manor went live on Facebook to announce the winner using an online name generator. With over 600 entries, the winning name was chosen electronically and we immediately called to offer our congratulations to the winner!

After making arrangements to drop off the basket, Felicity Manor was contacted by the winner, who asked us to gift it to their new friend, Jackie. Mrs. Jackie is a member of the Felicity Manor Gives Back Community, and they knew she was having family coming in for the Thanksgiving Holiday! It would be a wonderful opportunity to put all the goodies to use! Jackie was contacted and was so appreciative to have the Movie Basket gifted to her.

As this was an unexpected blessing for Mrs. Jackie, it, too was unexpected and also very meaningful to Felicity Manor, as this was the 2nd year in a row that the winner has gifted the winning prize to another individual. The generosity of others touches us all!

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