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Community Launch

Our Board of Directors met in April, 2021, and it was proposed that it was now time for Felicity Manor to be introduced to the Mooresville Community. The Board unanimously voted that an in-person luncheon for Mooresville area business leaders, church leadership and government officials this Fall.

We're excited to launch Felicity Manor to the Mooresville Community but we've not been idle!

It was definitely exciting to begin preparing for this event but giving the event a name seemed problematic. The obvious choice Felicity Manor Launch seemed ideal, but the official birth occurred in the fall of 2019.

Great Strides were made in 2020!

In the year 2020, we worked hard to get Felicity Manor going. We created a brand, social media pages, a website, a brochure, opened a checking account, started fundraising, formed a Board of Directors, birthed Felicity Manor Gives Back, visited widows, obtained a Post Office box and the list goes on!

So here we are. It's 2021 with so much work to be done.

Back to Felicity Manor Launch

This week, planning will begin. Whether we go with Launch, Kick-Off or Debut, there's no doubt about it, Felicity Manor is continuing to propel forward and we invite you to come along!

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