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Felicity Manor and Felicity Manor Gives Back could not do the work they do without volunteers.

Volunteer Care Team Members serve as the liaison between a group of 5-6 widows and Felicity Manor, delivering holiday and birthday gift bags year round.  As a regular voice and face to the widow, this builds relationship and a friendship between you and the widows you connect with.   Each volunteer has agreed to keep personal information confidential to maintain the privacy and safety of all our widows!

A full description of a Volunteer Care Team Member can be found here.

Volunteers also serve in a variety of ways helping package gift bags, plan for upcoming events or serve our widows when they have a need.

Our Greeting Card Coordinator regularly sends out cards for all occasions!   We rely on word of mouth, information from our Volunteer Care Teams and social media to stay abreast of when any of our widows are facing difficult situations.


The community is also invited to leave greeting cards for our widows.

Thinking of you, Birthday, Get Well Soon or Holiday Cards can be left in our 

community mailbox located at 

753 Oakridge Farm Hwy

Leave the cards unsealed and just sign with a personal note or just your name.

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