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Updated: Aug 8, 2021

You've read the story of how Felicity Manor began many years ago when family members, or other women were often unable to live alone after the passing of their husband. My grandmother, and her sister, were a huge part of that beginning! Both found themselves in a situation where living alone would be a struggle, so my Aunt sold her house and moved in with my grandmother at 514 E. Center Ave. Their older sister, also widowed, is shown sitting between them while in town for a visit.

In early 2020, as I was taking baby steps to get Felicity Manor off the ground, my best friend and I both felt like this house would be perfect for Felicity Manor! It was where my grandmother and her sister had lived, and my uncle, who was now widowed, had shared that he would be moving back to Massachusetts, where he had lived most of his adult life. I told him of my idea to potentially buy the house from him in the future.

Sadly, no one could have prepared us for his passing a few short months later.

It was at that point I had the opportunity to go back in the house and really take a look at it. Felicity Manor was in such infancy, there was really no way for us to move forward with purchasing the house and make the necessary renovations. Needless to say, I was disappointed. For anyone who has been tasked with closing an estate, you'll understand the work involved. From early September 2020 to early February 2021, my brother and I, along with other family members worked tirelessly to clean out the house. It was a challenge but we got it done!

While 514 E. Center Ave is no longer a part of my family, the people who lived there, and the house, have been Felicity Manor's inspiration, and I will forever be grateful!

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