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Felicity Manor began in the heart of Mooresville Native, Jill Lowe.  After years of thinking the vision God gave her was impossible, the dream to build a residential care facility for widows remained just a dream for 10+ years.

However, in 2019, that all changed.


Confirmation that Lowe was on the right track came early 2020.  A friend shared finding 4 small coins in separate instances.  God showed both women what they believed the coins represented and served as an encouragement that the house needed to go forward.

Felicity Manor began to take shape and within a few short months, Felicity Manor Gives Back was rolled out as a community outreach of the house.

Today, as a recognized 501c3 non-profit, the Board of Directors look forward to the community coming together to provide a place where widows, who are unable to stay in their home after the passing of their husband, will have a beautiful and fulfilling place to reside. 


This endeavor will not be possible without the help of our team of volunteers.




Video Call with Sign Language


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