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Felicity Manor is a 501c3 non-profit located in Mooresville, NC.


We are exploring co-housing opportunities for widows and unmarried seniors by connecting seniors who have a home to share with seniors who otherwise would be without a home or be required to pay increasingly inaccessible rent costs.

Creating a housing opportunity for this historically vulnerable population has a ripple effect in the broader community. In many cases, seniors who are part of the Felicity Manor program will be able to vacate low-cost apartments, opening up housing options for younger singles and families who are also experiencing poverty or are otherwise at risk of becoming unhoused. We serve the whole community by serving seniors.

Please sign-up to follow our progress as we work to make this a viable and life-changing opportunity for seniors in our community!


Blue House

We believe that seniors are an integral part of our vibrant community, and our ongoing goal is to remind them that they are remembered, they are loved, and they belong. Through our successful Felicity Manor Gives Back program, local volunteers are vetted and paired with up to five local seniors to provide them with regular visits, conversations, and special occasion gifts.

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